Mowing is an important lawn maintenance practice that ensures your lawn stays healthy. Like other plants, grasses become denser and form a tightly woven lawn when the growing points are correctly clipped off during mowing. Mowing is not an option for anyone who wants a beautiful lawn in their home. Leaving the grass in the yard to grow without mowing will turn the lawn into something else.

The beauty of the lawn depends solely on the mowing height as well as the frequency of the practice. Mowing is just like pruning which is done on trees. If done properly, it will increase the density of the lawn thus decreasing the presence of weeds. Below are some important things you should carefully consider when mowing your lawn.

  • The first step before even beginning the practice is to find out the type of grass in your lawn. The reason for this is that most type of grasses have recommended mowing height. If you want to do it correctly, mow to the proper (recommended) height.
  • Remember to stick to the one-third rule. If you have a thriving lawn, don’t mow more than a third of the grass blade at any time. It is good if you mow your lawn occasionally rather than repeatedly. If you mow incorrectly your grass will definitely turn brown and result in harmful effects such as:
  • The crown being injured
  • The grass becomes more vulnerable to pests and diseases.  Call a pest control company
  • High risk of soil compaction
  • Risk of weed germination since sunlight will be reaching weed seeds
  • Reduced blade surface area. This makes it difficult for the blade to produce enough food through photosynthesis.
  • Do not use the same pattern every time you mow. Alternate your mowing patter to allow for upright growth.
  • Mow when the blades are upright to avoid clumping when cutting. The blades are always upright when the grass is dry.
  • Avoid ragged cuts by having sharp and balanced mower blades.
  • Do not mow while moving backward. Ensure you are moving forward whether you are on a lawn tractor or pushing a mower.
  • Allow newly seeded grass to get established for about three or four weeks before mowing it for the first time.