We spend countless hours keeping our lawns looking like the fairways at Pebble Beach…right?  Not to mention all of the money and materials that we pour into our lawns.  Well, it would make sense to protect that investment of time and money…right.  There’s no better way to do so than with a solid, beautiful fence.  A fence?  Such as easy solution, but a fence not only improves the look of your property, but helps to keep out unwanted guests such as dogs and small children.  Nothing can ruin your lawn quicker than some unwanted dog “waste”.

So where do you start?  The first thing you need to determine is what kind of fence you are interested in.  Nowadays there is really no limit as to what type of fence you can install to defend your turf…literally.  Wooden fences, aluminum fences, vinyl fences, and even concrete fences are all great options.

A wooden fence is perhaps the most visually appealing of all types of fencing.  Wooden fencing comes in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and actual wood types.  A quality wooden fence can be the most time consuming to install but the finished product is always well worth the effort.  A wooden fence also involves the most maintenance.  Wooden fences need to be stained and waterproofed every few years and this can be both an expensive and time consuming experience.  However, if looks are your main concern, there is no better option than wood fencing.

If you are looking for a low maintenance alternative to wooden fencing, vinyl fencing will be your best option.  Vinyl fencing can be made to closely resemble wooden fencing.  There is a countless variety of vinyl fencing available.  Vinyl fencing also comes in many different colors.  It allows you to really customize your fence to your desires.  Vinyl fencing also requires the least amount of maintenance.  Simply power wash the fence when it begins to appear dirty.  Even a garden hose will suffice in most cleaning situations.  Vinyl fencing can be very expensive but there are many price points available to meet your budgetary needs.

Finally, aluminum fencing provides us with another option.  Aluminum fencing requires the least amount of time for installation.  It is simply rolled out and attached to posts that are dug into the ground.  Aluminum fencing provides the least amount of customizing.  Although there are many color options available.  Aluminum fencing is a great, inexpensive way to keep the pets from running away or keeping small children from wandering around the neighborhood.

Whatever fencing option you choose for your property it is very important to select a reputable fencing company such as StLouisFenceCo.com to handle your fencing project.  Also, it is important to check with your neighborhood association to see if they have any rules as to which type of fence you can install and if they issue permits to perform the work.  A fence is a great way to improve the look of your property and can help protect your lawn from unwanted visitors.